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Monday, December 26, 2011

The devils double

This movie honestly made me sick to my stomach with disgust. But understandable for people to see this to really know what actually goes on in some places. It is based on the biography of Saddam Hussein and his son Uday Hussein. Uday finds a man (Latif Yahia) that resembles him and then forces him to be his double. Latif  accompanied on Uday's so called business and pleasure events bears witness the daily life of the Husseins. Uday forces himself on any woman that turns him on, age or marital status does not register in his mind. What Uday wants he will get, he has no kind of morals or respect and does horrible things with no consequence.
Mean while as Latif is being drugged through everything seeing horrible things first hand that he strongly disagrees with, Snaps! Do not want to spoil the movie for anyone but Uday somewhat gets his just desserts. This movie is filled with violent acts also rape and betrayal. I truly sympathize for all the people who were harmed in these actual events.                                                      

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