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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Despicable Me

Hi everyone, I have been watching this movie over and over again these past few days since my 1year old acts like it's the last movie on earth lol. This movie is really cute, it never gets old. Really fun and heart felt. About a villain and three orphans that he takes in from a crummy orphanage, to accomplish one of his schemes then after he does V "Vector" takes his revenge. After that he realizes that he loves the girls and the girls love him and saves the day :) The girls change Mr.Gru in a great way, I love his "dad" role,and the girls are so cute with their own personalities. Its a fun movie to watch. Really funny!


  1. That little Agnes did it for me. The sheer cuteness made the movie so enjoyable, oh and the "fluffy scene" - don't get me started.

    Had me loling and awwwing at the same time.


  2. hahah I know she is my favorite!! :) My son loves it, still has me laughing the hundredth time around lol

    thank you!