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Hi everyone my name is Briana. You managed to make it to my page safely, :) please follow. Hope you enjoy what I have to offer.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Boot Camp

Hi, I just watched this movie, It is about troubled teens that get sent to a boot camp that is located on a island in Fiji. With hopes that "ASAP" rehabilitation program will help trouble teens, parents send off their children. The camp is more like a prison without bars, and the methods used to help these teens are all wrong! It is mainly about a young girl Sophie (Mila Kunis) who misses her deceased  father, and starts rebelling against her step father and mother. Sophie's step father and mother agree to have her sent to the boot camp, which in my opinion should have been sent to counseling. Sophie then picked up by ASAP at her boyfriend Ben's (Gregory Smith) house and taken away. Meanwhile Ben tries to find out where she is and finally succeeds, with a plan. He then starts to rebel against his family to get sent to the same boot camp to as Sophie. As he does enough to convince that he needs to be sent away, he makes it to the boot camp to see that its more like a prison torture camp. I do not want to spoil the movie and say everything because I recommend you to watch it. all in all I give it an 8, it made me cry....The love Ben has for Sophie is very moving. This movie is also based on unnamed boot camps in the 70's. Very good movie hope you enjoy!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Straw Dogs

Hi everyone!
I just watched this movie last night. It's about an L.A screenwriter David Sumner and his wife who relocates to her hometown in the deep south. After this move, the locals and husband don't see eye to eye on things. The locals also childhood friends of the wife, start to make it hard for the couple to live and feel safe in their own home. When all that started I really started to dislike this movie! The wife gets raped by two  men in her home while the two men's buddies took the husband out shooting, so it was all planned out and just really disturbing. But she does not say anything to anyone and try's to continue living their life in their new home as if nothing has happened. As they continue to be involved socially with the small town, they go to a football game and realizes she can not take it being surrounded by her attackers and starts having flash backs, meanwhile that's happening the football coaches young daughter takes off with a older man who seems to be mentally challenged. The young girl and the man go to be alone while her dad the coach goes searching the school grounds her. The older mentally challenged guy covers the girls mouth as they hear the dad irate calls for her. Now back to the couple, they leave the game and on their way home the hit the mentally challenged guy who was standing in the street. They then start to panic and take the man with a broken arm to their home and call 911. The locals pick up the 911 call on their radio and then tell the coach. They then decided to take justice into their own hands and go down to the couples house to get the man to ask about the daughter he was last seen with. As they get there they shoot their guns and pound on the door to scare the couple into turning over the man, But they do not...and the locals really start to get mad and try to break in themselves and destroy the home. The husband just snaps at this point and starts wiping these guys out one by one with anything he can think of and succeeds! That was pretty much the end they never said nothing about what happened to the girl or if  the couple moved out of the town or stayed. But all in all it was an OK movie I just liked when those guys got what they deserved. But would not watch it again or recommend  it to anyone. 

Hope all is well with everyone, everywhere! :)

Sunday, January 8, 2012


Rango is a Chameleon that's really named Lars and is a house pet. After Lars fell out his owners truck he was left behind in the desert. He soon meets Beans and it led to a town named Dirt. Being the stranger and having an creative imagination, Lars become Rango a tough Chameleon from the wild west. The other animals fell for his stories quick and made him the town sheriff in hopes that he can provide them safety and figure out where all the water is going. But he is soon called out on his so-called "stories" and exposed as a fake and a liar, He then leaves and shortly returns with the plan of doing whats right and just being himself. Being a hero Rango is! I can watch this movie a good 5 more times and still laugh...great movie!!!

Despicable Me

Hi everyone, I have been watching this movie over and over again these past few days since my 1year old acts like it's the last movie on earth lol. This movie is really cute, it never gets old. Really fun and heart felt. About a villain and three orphans that he takes in from a crummy orphanage, to accomplish one of his schemes then after he does V "Vector" takes his revenge. After that he realizes that he loves the girls and the girls love him and saves the day :) The girls change Mr.Gru in a great way, I love his "dad" role,and the girls are so cute with their own personalities. Its a fun movie to watch. Really funny!