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Friday, January 27, 2012

Boot Camp

Hi, I just watched this movie, It is about troubled teens that get sent to a boot camp that is located on a island in Fiji. With hopes that "ASAP" rehabilitation program will help trouble teens, parents send off their children. The camp is more like a prison without bars, and the methods used to help these teens are all wrong! It is mainly about a young girl Sophie (Mila Kunis) who misses her deceased  father, and starts rebelling against her step father and mother. Sophie's step father and mother agree to have her sent to the boot camp, which in my opinion should have been sent to counseling. Sophie then picked up by ASAP at her boyfriend Ben's (Gregory Smith) house and taken away. Meanwhile Ben tries to find out where she is and finally succeeds, with a plan. He then starts to rebel against his family to get sent to the same boot camp to as Sophie. As he does enough to convince that he needs to be sent away, he makes it to the boot camp to see that its more like a prison torture camp. I do not want to spoil the movie and say everything because I recommend you to watch it. all in all I give it an 8, it made me cry....The love Ben has for Sophie is very moving. This movie is also based on unnamed boot camps in the 70's. Very good movie hope you enjoy!

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