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Saturday, February 18, 2012

The next three days

Hi, I just watched this movie today on Netflix, I know Its been about two weeks since my last post. I have not been able to sit down and watch a full movie, been pretty busy. But anyways back to the movie. Its about a married couple's life getting flipped upside down when the wife is accused of murder. The wife is innocent but with such little evidence and no witnesses, the law is against her.
  Meanwhile as she is sitting in jail accepting the fact that she is going to be there to stay, her husband is trying to hire the best lawyers and doing whatever he can to help her while trying to maintain their household, bills and raise their son. After having a talk with their criminal defense lawyer about her case, the realization sets in that she is not going to ever get out. That is simply not an option for him.
  He begins to plan her escape, and is willing to do anything. Now between taking care of his son and working he is thinking of anyways to get money without attracting too much attention towards him so he robs a drug dealer. The robbery didn't go quite as planned because he was not trying to hurt anyone, but in situations like that you really never know whats going to happen...But he does succeed with his original mission by getting enough money to leave the country on.
Next he makes up some false information faking a condition for his wife, to then get her out of the jail and into the hospital so they can make their escape, meanwhile at this time the wife has no idea of his intentions. She then makes it to the hospital and see's her husband in disbelief and tries to tell him that she does not want to go and tries to tell him they will both end up in prison and their son will not have anyone. He does not take no for an answer and is determined to get his family back.
  They then make a run for it, after a police chase in the hospital they finally make it out in enough time to follow through with his plan that he precisely planned out. On their way to get their son, the husband starts to rethink the original plan and debates with his wife if they should leave the son and then come back for him. While trying to figure out a way before pictures of them both start to go up in the air lines and police search, he then decides that they are going to have to leave the son. The wife then opens the car door and tries to fling her body out the moving car, the husband grabs her before her head hits the pavement and pulls over. The wife expresses that he did this all to have his family back together and if they leave without their son what are they doing it for? So they take the chance, and pick up their son.
  While driving to the airport the fear of losing it all starts taking over as they see police searching for them. Finally making it to the airport they buy the tickets to Canada and head to the security check with the bag of money and their wanted selves. The police then calls airport to do a search for male and female with their description, the airport security over looks the husband and wife and child and continues on boarding the passengers. As they go through the last security check the guard takes a good look at them and the list of the wanted people on his computer screen, and doesn't see them on there so he lets them pass. A few seconds after he does so both of their pictures pop up unnoticed...So they made it with perfect timing :) That's pretty much the end and the detectives that were trying to find them the whole time then discover to themselves that she was really innocent . I recommend watching this movie! All in all it was great extremely romantic I would want my husband to do the same for me!