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Thursday, February 2, 2012

28 Days

I know this one is old but just watched this last night on netflix. Its a comedy about a woman named Gwen (Sandra Bullock) that is addicted to Alcohol and pills and is court ordered to go to rehab vs. jail. Its a good movie to watch if you haven't experienced an addiction first hand and want to see how people really struggle on a day to day basis and how drugs can effect yourself and everyone around you. Sandra is excellent in this movie and I really recommend it. I've never experienced any addiction but known people who have and it really opened my eyes on seeing things in there perspective.



  1. I actually watched this movie when it came out, but now i am in a position to know what it was like for the character Sandra played. It was a good movie, and Sandra is always enjoyable to watch. thanks for the post, Briana.

  2. yeah I love her :) you should watch it again. your welcome!